Integrated management policy

The Direction of Catamarans Sensation, a company dedicated to carrying out activities at sea with catamarans, considers that quality is an essential factor for the success of the company, and that each one is responsible for the function it performs.

Also, Catamarans Sensation considers the development of its activities with the maximum respect and care for the environment, while promoting sustainable development of society, taking into account the needs and expectations, of both, employees and all the parties involved.

To fulfill these ends, Catamarans Sensation establishes an integrated policy of quality and environmental management that subscribe to the following principles and commitments:

Compliance with legal, regulatory, requirements set out in the Reference Standards, as well as others assumed voluntarily by the organization, in terms of quality of the service and environment provided by the company, as well as by all parties with which it establishes relation.
Continuous improvement of its activities and processes within the framework of the Integrated System of Quality and Environmental Management, through which the organization will establish, implement and maintain documented objectives at the relevant levels and functions within the organization.
The contractual demands, the wishes and expectations of the clients, are the criteria, to establish the pattern of quality of our services, always trying to match the expected quality with the received.
Commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management and Environmental Management System.
Each worker is responsible for promoting the implementation of the policy and the objectives of quality and environment, verifying that they are properly implemented and implemented through audits, thus ensuring the commitment to continuous improvement.
Training and qualification of the personnel for the accomplishment of their tasks, according to the requirements of the System.
Rationalization of the consumption of natural resources, as well as of the prevention and minimization in the generation of waste and emissions.
Catamarans Sensation is committed to communicating this policy to all company employees, collaborators and suppliers, as well as keeping it public.

In Blanes, January 31 st., 2019